Reservation and Registration

How can I enrol in the Fundación Cristina Hereen?
Any student who would like to study at the Fundación Cristina Hereen should do the following. First fill out and send the enrolment form that can be found on our web page. Students should make certain to check the speciality that they will be taking ( dance, guitar or singing). The second step in the enrolement process is make a deposit which will automatically reserve a place for them in the course of their choice. Please note that the deposit is to be made via bank transfer. All the information needed in order to make a bank transfer will be found in the enrolement form at the very bottom of the page.
What is the final deadline to pay the course deposit?
Enrolment for each course remains open until the course is full. This being the case, it is advisable to submit your course deposit as soon as possible to guarantee access to the course desired. The same applies to summer courses.
If I cancel my course reservation do I have my deposit returned to me?
Upon cancellation deposits are only returned when the cancellation is done from the country of residence and no less than one week from the start date of the course. Once in Seville and once the course has started, the deposit will not be returned.
Is it possible to enrol in just one trimester of the annual course at the Fundacion Cristina Heeren?
It is not advisable to only take one trimester of the course. However, in extreme cases we will only allow enrolments for the first or second trimester of the course. No student shall be admitted for only the third semester.

Academic Plan

Does the Cristina Heeren Foundation offer percussion classes?
At this time the Cristina Heeren Foundation does not offer percussion classes, what we do have is classes that include "palmas".
Does the Fundación Cristina Heeren offer classes of Classic Spanish Dance?
No, the Fundacíon Cristina Hereen does not offer classes of Classic Spanish Dance.
Are students allowed to choose different subjects from different specialities?
No students are not allowed to choose or to mix subjects from different specialities. The material covered in the annual course is determined, first by speciality ( dance, guitar o singing), then by level. These cannot be mixed or altered.
How do I know what my level is?
The teachers at la Fundación Cristina Heeren determine the students level by administering level tests. It is possible to have classes changed during the first two weeks of the course in order to place the student in the appropriate class level.
Does the Fundacion Cristina Hereen issue a diploma at the end of the course?
Yes, the Fundación Cristina Heeren issues a diploma at the end of the academic year to students that have passed the exams at the end of each trimester. Students who do not finish the entire year of classes ( October-June) and or do not take the exams at the end of each trimester will not be issued a diploma.
Will I be able to study at the Cristina Heeren Foundation even if I don't know Spanish?
Yes, it is possible to study at the foundation, even if you don't know Spanish. However, it is highly recommended to have at least a basic knowledge of Spanish as this will greatly assist in understanding the explanations given by the teachers in class, as well as having a more enjoyable stay in Seville.


Do I need visa to study in Spain?
The only students that do not need a visa are those from the European Union. Once in Seville, any student that needs to contact the Spanish immigration authorities should go to Oficina de extranjeros de Sevilla, Plaza de España.

Plaza de España, Torre Norte
41013 - Sevilla (Sevilla)
Tel.: 955569536
(Hours: Monday- Thursday de 9.00 to 17.30; Fridays from 9.00 to 14.00).
Summer hours normally are from 9:00 to 14:00, Monday-Friday.
How do I receive a certificate or letter from the Fundación Cristina Heeren that allows me to get a student visa?
Students who are not citizens of the European Union must pay the entire tuition in adavance in order to get a certificate from the foundation confirming that the student has enroled and has paid all fees
If I obtain my student visa and I decide to cancel my enrolment, will I get a refund?
Under no circumstances. Student visas are largely granted on virtue of the seriousness of the Fundacion Cristina Hereen and anyone who tries to use these visas as a method of gaining entry to Spanish territory could be reported to the Spanish immigration authorities.
How can I obtaion a letter or certificate from the Fundación Cristina Heeren?
Pending examination of the students artistic and or academic history and experience, the Fundación Cristina Heeren may issue a certificate to support the students application for student aid. The certificate would state that it is not vaild for obtaining a student visa.

Housing and work

Will the Fundación Cristina Heeren assist me in finding work in Seville?
The Fundación Crsitina Heeren does not find work for its students.
Can the foundation assist me in finding housing in Seville?
The foundation does not arrange for housing for its students. However, the foundation does have a list of possible housings. The list has varied information about various types of housing. This list also includes the contact information of housing owners. Students must contact the oweners directly in order to arrange for the rental of housing. The foundation does not have any responsability in these transactions or in any problems that may arise.

General Information

What material should I bring to the classes at the Fundación Cristina Heeren?
Dance students at the basic level should bring dance shoes and skirts. Once in Seville teachers may ask that you bring "palillos", fans or shawls. Dance students at the advanced level should bring bata de cola, for class.
Guitar students at the basic level should keep in mind that the object of the course is for them to learn how to play flamenco guitar, but that they should know how to play other genres of guitar. That is to say that the course is not designed to show you how to play the guitar but a certain genre of guitar, in this case Flamenco. Each guitar student must bring his/her own guitar.
Singing students should bring with them a small recodring device ( mp3 player, etc.)
Where is the Fundación Cristina Heeren located?
The Fundación Cristina Heeren is located at Avenida de Jerez, 2 (next to the Estadio del Betis). This is where the main administrative office of the foundation can be found as well as being the location where most of the guitar and singing classes are held.
The majority of the classes in the speciality of dance are held at the barrio de La Juncal (c/ Alberche, 2), location, approximately 20 minutes from the historic center of town by bus.
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