The movie, directed by Javier Vila, will be presented in continuous session on the 27th of February and the 6th of March in the Andalusian Centre for Flamenco Documentation

The Festival of Jerez 2017 has proposed to take “flamenco to the streets”. In parallel to the shows, it has been suggested to “go beyond the stage” with a program of parallel activities in different spaces in the city with exhibitions, shows in peñas (flamenco clubs) paired with gastronomy, educational workshops, book presentations, a flashmob and a series of projections. Among the selected films in the series of Films and Flamenco, organized in collaboration with the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco, is ‘Escuela de Flamencos. Fundación Cristina Heeren’. The documentary, directed by Javier Vila, can be seen on the 27th February and the 6th of March (with screenings every hour between 10:30am and 4:30pm) in the Andalusian Centre for Flamenco Documentation.

The ‘Escuela de Flamencos’, according to Cristina Heeren, is “highlighted by its simplicity, because that it what makes it exciting”. What the director Javier Vila was looking for was “by capturing “the real”, we created an audiovisual around the figure of Cristina Heeren and the project of her Foundation of Flamenco Art, motivated by the network of experiential links that the flamenco training in her school in Sevilla has generated across 20 years.

In the documentary, which runs for 65 minutes, students and teachers who are or were in the school as well as current students, share their experiences and reflections, to show the character of the international professional pool. Among the teachers interviewed are Calixto Sánchez, Milagros Menjíbar, Javier Barón, Rocío Márquez, Jeromo Segura, Luisa Palicio and Eduardo Rebollar, amongst other.

The film, which premiered in the 10th Film and Flamenco Series in the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco in CICUS in the University of Seville, intersperses interviews, archive images of the classes of teachers Naranjito de Triana and José de la Tomasa, singing, dance and guitar classes, and breaks, as well as fragments of the stage and backstage at the Gala Tribute celebrated on the 29th of January (2016) in the Theatre Lope de Vega in Seville at the request of the Chamber of Commerce, with performance from artists such as Argentina, Manuel Lombo, Laura Vital, El Choro and Rocío Bazán, to name a few.

The Foundation in Jerez

The Fundación Cristina Heeren returns to exhibit its project in the Festival of Jerez, after the premiere of the choreographed show ´Eclosion´ in the previous festival, in the Young Talent series. Additionally, as producer of the show ‘Aviso: Bayles de Jitanos’ for which El Choro was awarded the ´Revelación´ Prize 2016. In this edition, the work of the school – through which more than 6,000 students have passed since 1996 – will be seen reflected in the posted performances of previous students, such as Alberto Sellés, member of the Ballet Flamenco of Andalusia; Maise Márquez, who collaborates with Patricia Guerrero in ´Catedral´; Florencia O´Ryan dancing in ´El encuentro´ by David Coria; and Rocio Bazán singing in ´Esencia 20 aniversario´ by Rojas & Rodríguez, amongst others. In this city, the Foundation was recognized with the National Prize for Flamenco Teaching 2012 from the ´Cátedra de Flamencología´ of Jerez.