The public company showed a general rehearsal of '...Aquel Silverio' to the students from the school, directed by Rafael Estévez, which will open in the Festival de Jerez 2017

Preparing students for their professional future is one of the mottos of the Fundación Cristina Heeren Flamenco School. Therefore activities beyond the classroom are carried out as part of the academic program. Flamenco Dance students last Friday 17 February visited the Flamenco Ballet of Andalusia´s site in Seville, in the company of the President Cristina Heeren, the Academic Director Pepa Sánchez and teachers Luisa Palicio and Beatriz Rivero. The public Andalusian company provided the group of 25 students, originating from different countries, an exclusive general rehearsal of the show ´...Aquel Silverio´.

The work, about the historical figure Silverio Franconetti, is the first creation of Rafael Estévez as Director of the Andalusian Ballet. Its premiere will be Friday 24 February in the Villamarta Theatre, opening the Festival de Jerez 2017. According to the Director, ´...Aquel Silverio´ has the aim of "showing current flamenco performed with respect, knowledge and in praise of the roots and fundamental pillars of this art". He adds that "it follows a line based in research, reuse, analysis, study and reconstruction of the forms of dancing, singing, music and playing they are today almost out of use.

The students from the Foundation´s Annual Flamenco Course 2016/2017 were also able to appreciate the show as a dancer, as the ex-student from the school, Alberto Sellés from Cadiz, reappears in the company´s cast. Similarly the singer Sebastián Cruz, who also was a member of the National Ballet of Spain, earlier trained in our classrooms with teachers such as José de la Tomasa, Calixto Sánchez and Paco Taranto. Other previous students from the school have passed through the Flamenco Ballet of Andalusia including Florencia O´Ryan and Laura Santamaria, who formed part of the cast directed by Rafaela Carrasco.