After nine months of effort in the classrooms, the moment to step onto the stage arrived. With the Alamillo Park homestead and the recently arrived summer forming the backdrop, more than 70 students from the Fundación Cristina Heeren’s 2016/2017 Flamenco Course starred in two splendid nights of live singing, dancing and guitar to celebrate the end of the course.

It is a course that has been marked by the opening of the school´s new site in Triana. The students’ patience and understanding for this much awaited but complex transition was appreciated by Cristina Heeren when she took the floor during the graduation ceremony for the students who had completed the three levels of the study program. And she congratulated everyone on their great effort and determination in their flamenco studies. The Academic Director, Pepa Sánchez, in charge of the presentation of the galas, also offered her congratulations when she announced the names of the scholarship recipients for the next year: a total of 22 scholarships including those of the Fundación, those from AIE and the American Friends of Flamenco. And the students demonstrated, in both of the Flamenco in Alamillo 2017 shows, that Cristina Heeren and Pepa Sánchez were right.

From the moment that Leah and Yuna opened the festival, interpreting a taranta for two guitarists from Niño de Pura, the audience were engaged until the end. The applause from the audience that filled the patio both nights rewarded the young international artists piece by piece. All the specialities that are studied in the school were showcased, but also the companionship that unites them in this specialised artistic training that is a whole experience. The guitarists delivered equally in the concert pieces, as in those of accompaniment. The sensation was the zambra that the maestro Pedro Sierra prepared for the third level guitar students, although equally praised were the bulerías that opened the second gala, the waltz and the taranto by the first level guitar students with singing by Pura Navarro. And as the academic program places so much relevance on guitar accompaniment of singing and dancing, there were various pieces dedicated to putting this into practice with the collaboration of the class assistants or together with the students from the three specialities. For example, the second level guitar students taught by Pedro Sánchez played caña with dance by Carmen Young and singing by Armando Mateos. From the maestro Paco Cortés was seguiriya from the advanced guitar students, with singing by Lidia Montero and dance by Beatriz Cruz; his cantiñas was interpreted by the students that attend his Guitar Accompaniment Workshop; and the romance that Beatriz Rivero danced with the third level guitarists in the final stretch of the second gala.

Some of the guitar students also played alante to accompany their fellow singers following the teaching of Calixto Sánchez, Juan José Amador, Manuel Romero, Rosi Navarro ´La Divi´, Eduardo Rebollar and Pedro Barragán. Thus we heard the serrana by Antonio with Daniel on guitar, the tientos by Silvia with Jonathan, the soleá by Frasquito with Samuel, the granaina by Lara with Ismael, the cartagenera by Florent with Hiroki, the serrana by Na Em with Rin, the tientos by Jesús and Adrián, and the cartagenera by Irene and Eduardo. Singing was also showcased in groups with pieces such as the tangos de Málaga that Juan José Amador arranged for singers Cristina, María and Sara for dance by María Martha with guitar by Carmelo Picón. The interconnection between dance, singing and guitar was confirmed even more with the performances from the ‘Tablao Flamenco’ subject taught by La Divi and Patricia Lozano by third year students: cantiñas with Souzana dancing and tientos danced by Elisa.

And ahead of the individual dances, group choreographies were displayed in all their splendour, with new creations by the school´s teachers. Luisa Palicio presented cantiñas with the advanced students, refreshing the sevillana school of dance. Javier Barón prepared tangos for the dancers in intermediate level and a complex soleá for those in the first course, showing this group how much you can achieve with effort in just one year starting from scratch. And the maestra Milagros Menjíbar returned to stun with three new pieces: soleá and bamberas for the dancers in intermediate level, and an overwhelming taranto for the students in the third course that served as a finishing touch before the ‘fin de fiesta’ … and the generous appetizer of the Association of Friends of Alamillo Park. This time it was not bulerías but with a surprise rumba prepared by the students together with the teacher Pedro Sierra and carried out by student Rufino Bravo, which has almost 4,000 views on Facebook. Everyone in Alamillo ended up singing the catchy chorus: “Come and dance at the Fundación! Come and study at the Fundación!”

ÁLBUM DE FOTOS Flamenco en el Alamillo 2017 (21 de junio)
por Silvia Calado/ Comunicación Fundación Cristina Heeren
pulsa en la imagen para ver todas las fotos

Flamenco en el Alamillo 2017. Galas de fin de curso de la Fundación Cristina Heeren [21 junio]

ÁLBUM DE FOTOS Flamenco en el Alamillo 2017 (22 de junio)
por Silvia Calado/ Comunicación Fundación Cristina Heeren
pulsa en la imagen para ver todas las fotos

Flamenco en el Alamillo 2017. Galas de fin de curso de la Fundación Cristina Heeren [22 de junio]