The school in Seville offers, from 2 to 13 July, two weeks of comprehensive training in singing, dancing and guitar with 60 contact hours, top level staff and parallel activities


Summer is flamenco in the Cristina Heeren Foundation. The prestigious school in Sevilla, the greatest in the world according to ‘Lonely Planet’, announces an updated Summer Intensive Flamenco Course. Between the 2nd and 13th of July, the centre will offer two weeks of comprehensive training in the specialties of singing, dance and guitar, for beginner, intermediate and advanced level students, in its newly opened facilities in the neighborhood of Triana. Places for this course, with an enrolment fee of 950 euros, are limited. Enrolment (*) is open online until 31 May. The teaching staff will be composed of members of the school’s faculty, amongst others dancers Milagros Menjíbar, Javier Barón, Luisa Palicio and Beatriz Rivero; guitarists Pedro Sierra, Pedro Sánchez, José Manuel Martos and Vahan Davtyan; and singers María José Pérez – winner  of Lámpara Minera 2015 de La Unión -, Manuel Romero and Lidia Montero. For the first time, the course will include two flamenco singing masterclasses with singer Juan José Amador for intermediate level and a workshop, ‘Tablao Flamenco’ by the teacher Carmelilla Montoya, dancer from Triana.

The 2018 Intensive Flamenco Summer Course will take place from Monday to Friday, between 8:30am and 3:00pm, with a total of 60 contact hours. The schedule will be configured around different subjects, according to specialty and level. The subjects in Flamenco Dance are ‘Body Technique’, ‘Footwork Technique’, ‘Accessories Technique’ (with shawl for intermediate level), ‘Choreography with Bata de Cola’ (for advanced level) and ‘Free Choreography’. In Guitar, the program is focused on ‘Flamenco Guitar Technique’, ‘Guitar for Accompanying Singing’ and ‘Guitar for Accompanying Dance’.

And in Singing, the subjects will be ‘Vocal Technique’, ‘Styles’ and ‘Singing for Accompanying Dance’. Core subjects, common for all students, are 'History and Theory of Flamenco' under the care of Pepa Sánchez, doctor in Flamencology from the University of Seville; and, additionally, 'Flamenco Rhythms'. As Sánchez, Academic Director of the school explains, the 2018 Intensive Summer Flamenco Course "is an example of our Annual Course. And it has been designed such that aficionados who visit our classrooms not only see the quality of our Academic Program, but also enjoy flamenco as a unifying and fun experience." In fact, the course offerings include a flamenco fiesta, an excursion to Cádiz and free entrance in the flamenco theatre that the Cristina Heeren Foundation will soon open in its brand-new facilities in the neighborhood of Triana. Additionally, the course aims to provide the student with a hands-on cultural experience in Seville, the city "Best in Travel 2018" according to Lonely Planet, which is celebrating its 'Year of Murillo' and preparing for the XX Biennale of Flamenco.

(*) In addition to the enrolment form and payment, students should send the Online Level Test before 31 May.