The work, directed by Manuel Liñán, National Dance Prize, premieres the 8th of March in the Festival of Jerez 2018. The preview takes place in the Gran Teatro of Huelva on the 3rd of March

The Cristina Heeren Foundation is involved in a new artistic project: 'Gelem' by Antonio Molina 'El Choro'. As with his debut 'Aviso: Bayles de Jitanos', the Foundation takes on the production and distribution of this new show by the Huelva dancer, ex-student and teacher in the Foundation's flamenco school. The work, with artistic direction by Manuel Liñán, National Dance Prize 2017, is presented as self-liberation for the artist, interpreting alone styles that were until now excluded from the gypsy repertoire such as petenera, guajira and fandangos. Some of the choreographies are personal, while others have the stamp of Valeriano Paños and Manuel Liñán. The musical cast includes guitarists Manuel de la Luz and Juan Campallo, singers Jesús Corbacho, Pepe de Pura and Jonathan Reyes, the percussion of Paco Vega and the collaboration of Pedro el Granaíno as guest artist. The premiere will take place the 8th of March in the Villamarta Theatre, in the framework of the Festival of Jerez 2018, where two years ago 'El Choro' won the 'Revelación' Prize. The preview of the production takes place days earlier in the Gran Teatro of Huelva on the 3rd of March.

The support of young flamenco talents is one of the key principles of the Cristina Heeren Foundation. In addition to providing study scholarships, the production department of the entity accompanies new figures trained in the Foundation's classrooms to launch their professional careers. And this is the case with Antonio Molina 'El Choro', who studied at this school with scholarships from 14 years of age, after his discovery in the Second Competition of Young Flamenco Dance in Huelva. The Foundation supported the debut of the Huelva dancer, 'Aviso: Bayles de Jinatos', show directed by Rafael Estévez which one the 'Revelación' Prize in the Festival of Jerez 2016 and which the associated firm Anea Productions distributed internationally, presenting in the Flamenco Biennale of Seville, Suma Flamenco in Madrid, Days of Flamenco in Tel Aviv, the Iberian Festival of Dance in Mexico, the Flamenco Festival of Albuquerque and the Flamenco Festival of Mont de Marsan in France, amongst other dates. The next date for this production with be the 24th of March 2018 in the Stadsschouwburg del Cultuurcentrum Brugge in Bruges (Belgium).  

Photo © Nico Bustos