Maribel Ramos


B. 1977, Barcelona. Maribel trained as a teacher at the “Conservatorio Profesional de Almería”. She is also a former student at the Fundación Cristina Heeren. Maribel was the recipient of two scholarships “Lanjaron” and “El Corte Inglés”. She has taught courses in various countries and has been a guest artist in productions such as “Don Juan Flamenco” “Asimetría” and “Calixto y Melibea”, amongst others. Maribel is the creator of the production “La Zambra” and she has put together “Con tiento y alegría, aprendo con filosofía” aimed at teacher the various “palos” as well as the history of flamenco.

Her dancing is distinguished by the elegance of her posture and the gracefulness of her hands and the force and precision of her feet. All of these traits have assisted her in winning awards such as “Carmen Amaya” (Barcelona, 2002) and “La Perla” (Cádiz, 2003).