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Transform your passion into your job

The study of Flamenco at the FCH consists of a total artistic preparation in the form of practical apprenticeship that includes the technique of execution as well as the knowledge of the repertoire of dance, singing and guitar-playing.

Flamenco is a live art form. Get prepared for an artistic field in continous change

The novelty of our syllabus lies, amongst other things, in dividing the subjects into technical and performing disciplines, to develop the talent of each student (choreography, dancing with accessories, Spanish Classical Dance, guitar accompaniment to dance and singing, singing accompaniment to dance etc…), and core subjects that reinforce the collective and improvisation work (compás, the basis and codes of traditional flamenco – Tablao)

Live an unique experience

Learn and enjoy Flamenco from an integrating and fun experience. Our students participate in multiple different activities, such as master classes, excursions, events, teambuilding days etc, and enjoy discounts to assist to the performances in our Teatro Flamenco Triana, the inhouse theatre.

The mastery of great artists

Our teaching staff reunites different sensibilities and specializations, to offer a complete education, based on discipline, knowledge and the vital and artistic experience needed to interiorize this Andalusian Art form.

Guest teachers at our annual course

The cost of the Annual or Semestral Course includes the assistance to different Master – classes given by different Guest Artists. This year our teaching staff will be joined by: Paula Comitre, Miguel Ángel Heredia, Mercedes de Córdoba, “Choro” Molina, Fernando Jiménez, Jesús Corbacho, Juan Campallo, Salva Gutierrez…

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