Help us to know you better

Queremos emplazarte en el curso que mejor se adapte a tus necesidades y objetivos

In order to place you in the level that suits you most, you must submit a short video as part of the online application, in which we can see your flamenco skills.

The online screening test is provisional, but it helps us to place you in the most appropriate level according to your knowledge and skills.

The Admission Committee, formed by the professors of the Fundación Cristina Heeren, are the only ones who can determine your level, first through the previous screening test online, and later with a live test in our school. These tests are compulsory both for the Annual Course, and the Summer Intensive Course.


The students who wish to applicate for our Annual Course, must send a video in a MP4 format, by We transfer.

Deadline for sending the screening test for the Annual Course: before the 1st of July.

Deadline for the Summer Intensive Dance Course: 15th of May.

Send the prescreening test to:

Las pruebas de nivel deberán enviarse mediante los medios y direcciones que indicamos a continuación: Correo electrónio y Whatsapp

The prescreening tests must be sent to this e-mail address:

Or via WhatsApp to this phone number: +34637670450


¡Por favor, no envíes cualquier video libremente! Rogamos que el estudiante siga fielmente las instrucciones abajo señaladas

It is to your benefit to create the best possible video.

Please follow carefully the instructions and the mandatory content detailed below.

Prescreening content:

Student who would like to apply to the 1st Annual Dance Course must send a short video that includes a short choreography (flamenco or other type of dance). You must have previous dance knowledge.

And you must be able to execute these following exercises:

  1. Pirouette on the axis.
  2. Basic notions of zapateado (sole, half – sole, heel)
  3. Basic notions of arms movement
  4. Hands’ movement in 1st
  5. Weight shift and movement coordination


The students who wish to applicate for the 2nd or 3rd year of our Annual Dance Course, must send a video with a short solo flamenco choreography of their choice (the length of the video must be between 3 and 5 min)

The chosen choreography must include:



Corporal flow: arms and body.



The applicant can use live music (guitar and singing) or recorded music.

The students who wish to apply for the 3rd Year Annual Course, must also send another video with the following content:

  • 2 different variations with the mantón (shawl)
  • 2 different sequences with palillos (castanets)
  • 1 musical phrase (letra) of Alegría with the bata de cola.

Live auditions

The live auditions will be done at our school, during the first week of our course and will cover all the course subjects.

The Admission Committee formed by our professors, makes the final decision of the student’s level correspondent in each subject.